What’s Bubba Up To Now?

Hello Friends,

It’s been a very long time since I’ve written you. The reason being is, when I’m at camp or some locations in the United States I don’t have access to the internet.

I just wanted to thank all of you for your prayers while I was away during the summer.

I do believe I only slept in our bed over the summer months six or seven times. I’m not complaining mind you, I’m praising God for allowing me to be about His business of telling others about what His Son did for us.

Over the summer we saw well over 1,000 people give their hearts to the Lord. Your prayers are being answered my friends.

I’m home for a short while now. This coming Friday I’ll drive back to Oklahoma City to be at Pink Baptist Church near Shawnee.

I’ll come back Sunday night or Monday morning and I’ll be home for another two weeks. After that, it’s back to Georgia until Thanksgiving.

I will be flying home in October and November to see my bride.

I look forward to seeing all of you soon. You are a blessing to me.

Here, there, or in the air! Gene Bubba Wright

First Week At Camp Update Near Altus, Oklahoma

Hello Friends,

I’m in Oklahoma City now with my boys and grand babies. This past week of camp was fantastic.

When the dust settled 77 people had made a profession of faith and two of those were ladies.

We also had 15 re-dedications and 1 surrender to special service.

Tomorrow I go back for my second week of camp near Altus, Oklahoma. On Friday I’ll drive home to see my bride. I’m looking forward to that.

My asthma is better, but it’s still giving me a few problems. I’m almost back to feeling normal.

Thanks for your continued prayers. All of you are a blessing to me!

First Baptist Church, Sayre, Oklahoma, Praise Report

Hello Friends,

This past week I was at First Baptist Church in Sayre, Oklahoma. I had the privilege of sharing the pulpit with Pastor Mike Keahbone from Oklahoma City. After everything was said or done there were 43 professions of faith and many more re-dedications.

Pastor Rusty said he’d never seen anything like it! It was absolutely amazing.

I know things like this don’t take place unless prayers are being offered up. So, I want to thank you for praying for me as I travel the country sharing God’s Word.

Tonight, Robin and I will leave for White Oak, Texas. I’ll be doing a Seven Hour Balloon Seminar at Emmanuel Baptist Church tomorrow.

Next week I’ll be on the road but I want be in my car, I’ll be on the motorcycle. I’m driving to OKC to go motorcycle riding with my oldest son, Ashley.

Please pray that I’ll be alert on the way there so that I can watch out for those who are driving down the road talking on their phones and not paying attention to what they are doing.

I’ll be coming back on the 24th so that I can have a day of rest because I’ll be at Old River Baptist Church in Dayton, Texas on the 26th.

Be Blessed Y’all!

Praise Report From Sayre, Oklahoma!

Revival services started with Pastor Mike Keabone last night at FBC in Sayre, Oklahoma.

I’d never heard Mike preach before but I’m here to tell ya, he knows how to shuck the corn. The Holy Spirit spoke through him in a mighty way.

During the invitation many people walked the aisle repenting of their sins and there were five or six making a profession of faith.

Today I’ll be speaking at the elementary school, Mike preaches again tonight, he speaks at the school tomorrow, I preach tomorrow night and then he closes things out Wednesday evening.

Please pray that souls will be saved and lives changed. Be blessed y’all!

Update While In Poteau, OK, Broken Arrow, OK, and Tulsa, Ok.

Good Morning Friends,

As you know I’ve been gone for the past few days! I arrived in Houston yesterday and it was great seeing my bride of almost 40 years.

I’d like to share with you the things that God did while I was away.

When I left Houston I drove to Poteau, Oklahoma. I was there on a Saturday at Southside Baptist Church.

I did a children’s program for them and when I gave the invitation 23 folks made a profession of faith, and many of them were adults!

I then drove to Broken Arrow, Oklahoma after that program to stay with my mother in law.

Sunday morning I was at the Church At The Midtown. I did three kids worships back to back and we saw 39 children make a profession of faith for our Lord Jesus Christ!

Sunday night through Wednesday I was in revival at Glenwood Baptist Church in Tulsa, Oklahoma with Pastor Clayton Griggs.

Sunday night we saw 32 people, mainly older folks walk the aisle re-dedicate there lives to Jesus. It was awesome y’all!

After the folks got right with the Lord, revival broke out. When the dust settled there were 34 professions of faith!

I want to thank the ones of you who donate to the ministry through prayer, giving of funds, and a vehicle so that I can do what I’m doing!

I truly believe you guys and gals will get a piece of the pie when you arrive in heaven!

I love you all! Here, there, or in the air!

By the way, tomorrow I will be at First Baptist Church in Gonzales, Texas and then on Sunday I’ll be at Above and Beyond in Spring, Texas.