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The Pastor And His Dentures!

It seems there was this minister who just had all of his remaining teeth pulled and new dentures were being made.

The first Sunday, he only preached 10 minutes.

The second Sunday, he preached only 20 minutes.

But, on the third Sunday, he preached 1 hour 25 minutes.

When asked about this by some of the congregation, he responded this way.

The first Sunday, my gums were so sore it hurt to talk.

The second Sunday, my dentures were hurting a lot.

The third Sunday, I accidentally grabbed my wife’s dentures… and I couldn’t stop talking!


Something To Think About!

In the Book of Jeremiah folks were substituting other things for God. It might have been money, fame or stuff. Anything you put before God is your substitute! It’s Something To Think About!


How Can You Know?

How can you know if your a child of God? There’s several ways but I’m gonna mention one. Here ya go!

My son, despice not the chastening of the Lord: neither be weary of His correction: For whom the Lord loves He corrects, even as a father the son in whom he delights.

In other words, God is gonna spank you as you go through life if you are His child.

Remember, God will never spank the devil’s children, but He will most definitely spank His own.

When God spanks you that let’s you know you’re His!

In the Book of Job it says, “Happy is the man whom God corrects!”


A Child of the King!

My son, do not despise the chastening of the Lord: neither grow weary of His correction. For whom the Lord loves He will correct; even as a father the son in whom he delights.

God is gonna spank your britches through life if you are His child.

Remember, He does not spank the devils children, but He will spank His own.

That is a good evidence that you belong to Him.


We Are Weak!

The church is weak because there’s a lack of prayer. We as Christians are weak for two reasons. We don’t pray enough and most don’t read God’s Word daily. OUCH!



There was a man in the Bible who was stoned and was left for dead. As the disciples stood around him he rose up, went into the city and the next day traveled to Derbe. It just goes to show you can’t keep a good man down! Who was the man?


We Are Not Hear To Clean Up The Fish Pond!

Dr. Robert Shuler said, “We are called to fish in the fish pond, not to clean up the fish pond.”

This old world is a place to fish. Jesus said He would make us fishers of men, and the world is the place to fish. However, we are not called to clean up the fish pond. We need to catch the fish and get the fish cleaned up. Amen!


Come and Dine!

Jesus said to His disciples in John 21:1, “Come and dine.”

He does want us to go out into the world and preach the gospel, but he would rather you come and have breakfast with Him before you go.

So many times we’ll get up, eat breakfast, have a glass of milk or coffee and rush off to work. We have a tendency to take care of our physical bodies, which we should.

But we should also take care of our spiritual bodies. To do that you need to get up and have breakfast with the Lord as you read God’s Word.

So, tonight before you go to bed why not set your alarm clock 30 minutes earlier so you can get up and dine with the Lord?

Here, there, or in the air!