A Pig Or A Son?

We’ve all heard the story of the prodigal son. He left home and went off to a foreign country. While there he spent all his money on ungodly living. After spending all his money his so called friends deserted him. He got so hungry, he went down to the pig pen and ate slop with the hogs and sows. He soon came to his senses and headed home not knowing what to expect. His father saw him, or smelled him from afar, ran, and threw his arms around him, hugging and kissing  him. The father had him cleaned up, put a rob on his back and a ring on his finger. He threw a banquet in honor of his son coming home.

When a son who’s been in the pigpen of life comes home it’s time to get down and celebrate. I’m celebrating this morning concerning a friend of mine, who’s a son of God but he’s been living in the pig pen of life.  He’s been having an affair with a bottle of booze and it’s caused all kinds of trouble in the home. I found out yesterday he’s checked himself into some type of rehab organization here in Texas.

I talked with him this morning and he told me he realizes his problem is not an illness but it’s sin. He agreed that it was time for him, a son of God to get out of the pigpen and go home! Pray for him, I do believe he’ll be there for about a month, but rejoice with me in the Lord, for this son who acted like a pig is now home! It’s Time To Party!