Always Willing!

Repent ye therefore and return, that your sins may be wiped away, in order that times of refreshment may come from the presence of the Lord!

Sometimes we think God has abandoned us, but He has not! When a person feels that way it’s usually because they’ve allowed sin to creep into their lives.

Sin, no matter how big or small we think it is will absolutely destroy our relationship with the Lord!

Let me say this, if you don’t feel like your close to the Lord any longer it’s not God’s fault, it’s yours!

Once you realize why your relationship with God is all screwed up you need to repent.

To repent means you’ve been walking the way you want to go and you realize you’ve been wrong, so you’ve decided to change your mind and go God’s Way!

You may have been going the wrong way for a long time, but God is always willing to forgive and forget. His mercy and grace is always available!

After you repent refreshment always follows! Be blessed!