April Fools Day!

Last night Robin and I pulled a good one on Miranda. She went to a friends house to eat and she was told she needed to be home by 9:30. She called Miriam later asking what time she was to be home because she had forgotten. Miriam told her 9:30.

She walked in the house around 9:26 and I said to her, “Miranda, you are late! You were suppose to be home at 9:15! You are now grounded for a month! She said, “I called Miriam and she told me I was to be home at 9:30!” I said, “She made a mistake, you should have called me!”

She looked so shocked and so sad that I couldn’t yank her chain any longer. I said, “April Fools!” April Fools Day comes once a year, but people are being fooled every day of their lives. They believe money, cars, homes, and fame will bring them happiness, but they are fooled, because true happiness comes only from knowing the Lord!

Psalms 144:12b says, “Happy are the people whose God is the Lord!”