Black Cats!

I’ve always loved playing with black cat firecrackers. I remember as a little boy blowing up cans, boxes, toys, ant beds, and a wounded bird. We’d take those little dudes, light them and throw them at one another! Sometimes we’d light the whole string and just stand back and enjoy the smell, smoke and noise.

Every once in a while we’d light one and it wouldn’t pop, it would just fizzle out. How disappointing to buy firecrackers and get a few duds! I mean, it looked like a firecracker but it didn’t explode like one!

Christians are a lot like firecrackers. Some are on fire for the Lord, they’re  exciting and they live explosive lives for Him, but then you have your duds. Everything is gloom and doom and there’s no excitement for the Lord at all! Think about this, we celebrate the Fourth of July today but everyday our little peepers open we can celebrate the day of the Lord!

Scripture says, “This is the day the Lord has made, I will rejoice and be glad in it!”