Characteristics of A Christian! Something To Think About!

Last night I was at Bristol Baptist Church in Bristol, Georgia and I was speaking to the men’s group there. I asked them to give me some characteristics of a football player. One said he has to be smart, another said he had to be in good shape and the other said he had to be a determined individual.

I then shared with them 12 Characteristics of a True Christian. Tomorrow I will share with you the first two and then two each day following. I’ll have to admit I was planning on doing that today but I left my notes at home!

I do know one of characteristics is Son-ship. John 1:12 says, But as many as received Him to them gave He power to become the Sons of God!”

Think about it, God is your heavenly Father if you know Him, and Jesus the Son is preparing a place for us to live when we get to heaven. Awesome, absolutely awesome!