Fear is a terrible thing.

A person who sits around worrying about this or that can have no joy in the Lord!

They have no trust in the one that created them either!

As I sit in my recliner this morning I can hear an old hoot owl in the distance! I can also hear the morning doves cooing!

Now that old owl and those beautiful little doves don’t fly out of their nest every morning worrying about what they’re going to eat.

They get out and do their part and God does the providing!

The problem with most folks that worry is they don’t do their part. They sit around expecting God to provide and they don’t think they have to do anything!

For instance: God provides for my family and I even when I’m not traveling and I expect Him to. I do my part though, I advertise, email and text people letting them know I’m available. I don’t just sit around and twiddle my thumbs!

I believe when I do my part, God will honor that and most definitely do His!

God Is Faithful and True! Fear Not, For You Are More Important To Him Than Sparrows!