Folded Nice and Neat! Something To Think About!

I stopped in Calera, OK. yesterday on the way home to drop off a fire bible to Pastor Jacob Toews. While there we had a conversation about our Lord’s resurrection.

We talked about the time when the disciples entered the tomb and our Lord wasn’t there and they found the napkin that had been around His head folded neatly by itself. Pastor Jacob shared something with me about this that was amazing and I’d like to share it with you.

Back in the day when a man had lunch or dinner with someone and he excused himself for a brief period of time he’d always fold his napkin up to let the people know he was returning!

The Bible says Peter entered the tomb and found the napkin, that was about His head, not lying by the linen clothes, but was folded nice and neat in a place by itself. Pastor Jacob says he believes Jesus did this to let everyone know He’d soon return and He did!

He appeared to the disciples and others after His resurrection and He’ll return again some day. It may be today, tomorrow or next week. Will you be ready? John 20:7-8