Freedom Biker Church, Duncan Oklahoma!

On May 22nd I arrived at the Freedom Biker Church in Duncan, Oklahoma. As I arrived around 8:30 I noticed motorcyles everywhere. Men, women, boys and girls were just hanging out and enjoying each others company! Some people were dressed up, but most of them were in their jeans, leathers and vest. In other words they were dressed to ride!

The people there are fun loving and crazy. They picked on me and I picked right back. I will say, they started it!

Some of them have long hair, ear rings and tatoos. Some are former gang members and drug dealers but I felt the Holy Spirit in that place. It’s amazing what God can do with men and women when they surrender their lives to Him!

I started making balloons for the kids and I immediately knew I was going to have a good time with these folks. I fit right in, afterall, I’m an old country boy who rides a beautiful motorcycle!

After they introduced me I asked the people this question. I said, “If you ride a Harley, raise your hands!” Many hands went up and then I said, “So, you people believe in buying motorcycles that leak oil, I believe in buying Yamahas!”

During the invitation that morning 40 decisions were made for our Lord and 13 of those were salvations! When it was all said and done by Wednesday night there were 51 decisions made and 24 were professions of faith.

Pastor Billy made a comment and I’d like to share it with you. He said, “Bubba, you don’t lead people to the cross, you love em to the cross!” This is the approach the pastor and his people take and it’s working. The church was started less than three years ago and they’re growing by leaps and bounds! I do believe on any given Sunday there will be 500 t0 700 in attendance.

Our Lord showed up and the people responded. Let’s give God all the praise and glory for the things He’s doing in Duncan at the Freedom Biker Church!