George, My Basset Hound!

Many of you know I have a basset hound and his name is George! That dog is the slowest moving dog I’ve ever seen! He doesn’t get in a hurry at all! He has a good personality. You don’t have to worry about George around kids. He absolutely loves them!

Even though George has a good personality he does have his flaws. He’s a hound dog and he smells like a hound dog at times and he sheds. He sheds his love, his smell and his hair!

George acts and smells like a dog because that’s what he is. If you know Jesus you are considered a Christian and Christians are to act like Jesus and share the love of Jesus Christ with others!

We are to shed our worldly wants and desires and live for the King of Kings and Lord of Lords! Remember, it’s not about me, it’s not about you, it’s about Jesus!