God Knows! Something To Think About!

Have you ever wondered if God has forgotten about you? Have you ever wondered if God even cared? Well, God hasn’t forgotten about you and God does care. He knows how many hairs you have on your head and how many freckles you have on your face.

He knows you’ve had that heart attack or the cancer your battling. He knows the scars you have on your heart because of what others have said about you. He also knows the bitterness you’ve allowed to build up because of your unforgiveness. He knows exactly where you are!

There is a man named Zacchaeus mentioned in the Bible. This man was hated by the people because he was a publican. He’d sold out to Rome and had flush his religion down the toilet. He wanted to be forgiven for what he had done and he had heard about Jesus coming to town.

He was short, so he climbed up a Sycomore tree to see our Lord. He was hiding among the leaves in that tree as Jesus walked by. Jesus knew he was there and stopped, looked up and said, “Zacchaeus, make haste, and come down: for today I must abide at your house!

Zacchaeus came down, took Jesus home with him and was saved. Jesus forgave him for all that he had done. Jesus will also meet you where you are today. He wants to love on you and minister to you just like he did old Zacchaeus. Let’s praise God for knowing all, seeing all and loving all!