God’s Word Is A Cleansing Agent

Did you know that the Word of God is a miracle cleansing agent. Tide, Cheer and Wisk cannot even come close to comparison!

On television you’ll hear the advertisers claim how their detergents can really get the spots out! They are trying to convince us that their product is the real miracle worker on grass stains, grease, and dirt!

I’m hear to say, that the only miracle cleanser in this world today is the Word of God. It is the best bar of soap you can get. A bar of ivory soap may float in the water in the bathtub but God’s Word can clease you from sin.

The Word of God will really take the spots out, and many of us need to get closer to it!

I Peter 1:22 says, “Seeing you have purified your souls in obeying the truth of the Spirit.”