He Was Naked! Something To Think About!

Draw near to God and He’ll draw near to you! This I believe was Peter’s goal! I know, old Peter was always walking around making a fool of himself. He had a common disease among men and it was called foot in mouth.

It’s true, Peter blew it at times but there is something special about him. Peter always wanted to be close to our Lord.

Remember when Jesus came walking on the water. Peter got out of the boat and was walking on the water towards Jesus after Jesus had given him permission. Many people bash Peter about this, but he at least had enough faith to step out of the boat onto the water while the rest just sat there.

The next event took place one morning after the disciples had been fishing. They’d caught nothing then Jesus shows up. They didn’t recognize him in the beginning, but when Peter was told by John it was  the Lord he wrapped his garment around him because he was naked and jumped in the water and swam to shore.

He didn’t wait like the others did in the boat, he wanted to be close to the Lord. Do you have that same desire? Did you get up this morning excited about meeting with the Lord? Gods desire is get close to us, we simply have to let Him!