He Will Not Let You Fall!

Robin and I have six children, three boys and three girls. When they were small I’d play a simple game with them. Well, it was simple to me, but very difficult for them.

I’d put them on the kitchen counter, take three or four steps back, and tell them to jump to me.

Man, did they hesitate! You could see it on their faces that they wanted to jump, but they were not quite sure about the whole ordeal.

Once they jumped the first time and saw the old man wasn’t going to drop them they wore me out playing that game.

Don’t we do the same thing with our heavenly Father. He tells us to do certain things, and we want to do it, but there’s that hesitation!

After we decide to obey Him we soon realize that what He has asked us to do wasn’t that difficult after all.

Whatever God wants you to do today let me encourage you to take a deep breath and jump into it with both feet.

He Will Not Let You Fall!