Illegal Immigration!

I’ve been pondering this subject of illegal immigration. Question: Is it that the people in the US don’t want these people here? No! They don’t care if they come as long as they come in legally.

Question: Should a person be driving around without a drivers license and insurance?

Question: Should anyone be allowed to come in your house uninvited and eat what they want out of your fridge and sleep in your spare bedroom?

I think about heaven. Heaven is a perfect place filled with God’s glory and grace. Folks want to go there but not everyone’s gonna make it.

You see, for a person to get into heaven they must have the right documentation, and that is Jesus Christ living in their hearts. You see, NO JESUS, NO Entry!

So, I guess you could say that we Gentiles are illegal immigrants trying to get into a place we really don’t deserve.

The only way we obtain entrace into this place we don’t deserve is one way, and that’s knowing the King.

I’m here to tell ya, if ya don’t know Him, He’s gonna say, “Depart from me, I never knew it!”

You can moan, groan, cry and beg but if you don’t know Him, You’re Not Getting In!