I’m Back In The Saddle Again! Yee Haw!

I just got back last night from Wakita, Oklahoma. I’ve been in revival there at First Baptist Church. The church is small, and the town is small, but the hearts of the people are as big as the great outdoors.

In this little town of 400 our great God showed up and did some exciting things. There were 34 decisions made for our Lord with 11 of those being professions of faith.

The pastor there is Bob Smith and he’s  a hard working man. Every afternoon he was in the homes of those who had prayed to receive Christ, talking to them about the importance of baptism. He already has 6 of those people lined up to follow our Lord in believers baptism in two weeks.

He told the church that this was the greatest revival he’d seen in 42 plus years of being in the ministry.

God is the one who saves and changes the hearts and lives of the people. God allows me to go fishing while He does all the cleaning. I’m been blessed.

I thank all of you for  your prayers. Please remember, your prayers pave the way of an old sinner like me to spread the gospel. Your part is just as important, if not more so than  mine! Be blessed!