Is He A God Of Love Or Wrath?

I read on Facebook all the time where people say God is a God of love. This is true, but He’s also a God of wrath!

You see, the first time He came He came in the form of a helpless baby. He walked the earth, was ridiculed, made fun of, spit on, slapped, beaten within an inch of His life, nailed to the cross, became our sin, buried and on the third day rose again!

He did this so that sinners like YOU and ME could have SALVATION!

The second time He comes He’ll come as King of Kings. For those of us who know Him we’ll be taken to heaven, for those who don’t, they’ll be left behind to receive His wrath!

Judgement from a Holy God is frightful, and He is coming in judgement when He returns to this earth, and we don’t need to apologize for Him concerning that!

God has made every provison for us to escape His wrath. All ya gotta do is surrender your heart and life to Jesus!