Judy Douberly, A Great Friend!

Have you ever felt sorry for yourself? You know, you walk around with your head down and your tail tucked between your legs like a pup that’s been thrown out on the side of the road.

Sometimes we think we’ve got it bad and then we realize that other people have it a whole lot worse.

Many of you know about my friend, Judy Douberly. She has pancreatic cancer and she found out yesterday it’s at a stage 4.

She told me that the doctor doesn’t give her much hope. As I listened to her talk about the possibility of dying soon she assured me that she does have hope and her hope is found in Jesus!

What a blessing she was to me as I listened to her talk!

I’ll have to admit, this saddens me, but on the flip side I’m happy for Judy. My friend, knows where she’s headed, and she knows what to expect when she gets there! She most definitely has a peace that passes all understanding!

Philippians 4:4, Rejoice in the Lord always, again I say rejoice!

Please remember Judy, Jimmie and Julie in your prayers. Be blessed y’all!