Nothing But Clay!

God compares His creation to many things. We found out yesterday that we’re nothing but dust. Today we find out that we are like clay in the potters hand!

Clay is good for nothing until the potter takes it, puts it on his wheel and forms a vase, cup, or saucer that can be used to put food or drink in!

God says, “He is the Potter and we are the Clay!”

God wants to mold us and make us into what He wants us to be, but here’s the catch, we’ve got to cooperate!

You see, sometimes we, the clay talks back to God. We refuse to listen! We don’t want anything to do with the changes He desires to make in our lives!

When we reject God He’ll reject us! God loves us! We need to stop playing the fool and start letting the Potter Have His Way With Us, The Clay!

Be blessed this fine day!