Read This And See If It Describes You! God Gets Weary!

Did you know that God gets weary? He got weary of His people in the Book of Jeremiah and I’m sure He gets weary of us today!

God’s people continued to backslide. They continued to worship idols and put other things before Him!

God said to them, “I am weary with repenting!”

These people had come to Him over and over again with their weeping and their promises to do better, but they continued to go right back into the same old sin!

God was tired of it and He says the time has come for Him to judge them!

The description of the people above describes me to a tee!

Let’s be honest, I’m like that and if the truth be known you’re like that to! We have a pet sin in our life that we’re enslaved to, we commit this sin, we feel sorry about it and ask God’s forgiveness. We tell Him we’ll never do it again, but when the opportunity arises we do. This continues time and time again.

Just like God got weary of the people in the day of Jeremiah, He must get weary of us to!

Jeremiah 15:6, You have forsaken me, saith the Lord, you have gone backward: therefore will I stretch out my hand against you, and destroy you; I am weary with repenting!