God’s Word, An Alarm!

I own a basset hound and his name is George. George has a sad looking face and long ears. Robin, my  wife doesn’t like him because he sheds. George isn’t a fierce dog but he sure does sound like it and that’s why I like him around. He’s the best alarm anyone could have. When someones outside our house George let’s us know it by barking. His bark is so loud it hurts your ears!

God’s Word is like a barking dog when we read it. It warns us of things we’re doing wrong! It let’s us know when our attitudes at work and at home down right stink. It let’s us know when we should confess sin and get right with others. The Word of God draws men away from the worlds system and draws them into the arms of Almighty God. There is power, transforming power in the Word of God.

Are you fed up? Are you tired of being the same today as you were yesterday? If so, grab the Word of God and fine ya a place to sit down and read it. Allow God to speak to you through His Word. Listen to what He says, trust Him, and obey what He tells you to do. I can guarantee it, you’ll never be the same! God wants to use His Word to transform you! The question is, will you let Him?