Take It Off! Something To Think About!

I heard recently that some people in high places are thinking about having the phrase “In God We Trust” taken off our money!

Let’s take it off, it’s hypocrisy anyway.  We are not trusting in God but in the all mighty dollor! To have a slogan on money means nothing at all. Americans needs to turn back to reality and truth and quit mouthing religion.

Dads, moms, sons, and daughters need to stop mouthing religion to and start living it at homes behind closed doors. When I say this I’m not preaching to the choir I’m preaching to myself!

We should  ask ourselves this question, “Am I living this live for me, me, me, or am I living it for the King of Kings and Lord of Lords!

Take time this morning to read about the man who lived only for himself! Luke 12:1-21!