Take The Plunge!

I remember a time when we lived in Muskogee, Oklahoma and we went to Ten Killer Lake to jump off the cliffs. It was a long jump, probably around 70 to 75 feet.

I remember walking up to the edge of the cliff and looking down, and trying to decide if I was gonna jump or not. I wanted to jump, but my mind was telling me not to.

Life reminds me sometimes of trying to decide if I’m gonna jump off that cliff.

Some of you have issues with families and friends and you’re standing on the edge of the cliff.

You know you should go and get things right with them but you’re unwilling to take the plunge.

Trust me, after you do, you’ll feel a whole lot better about yourself!

Some of you need to get right with the Lord. You have sin in your life and your hanging onto it, because it looks good, feels good and taste good.

You know you need to take the plunge and ask God to forgive ya and help ya start doing those things that pleases him, but you’re afraid!

Here’s what I’ve found out about the cliff and doing what God tells me to do.

Once I took that first step off the cliff the next one was easier.

And once I took that first step toward God in obedience the next one was easier as well.

Remember this, if you’ll take one step toward the Savior my friends, you’ll find His arms opened wide.