The Bubba Adventure Tour In South Georgia Update!

Hello Friends,

I arrived in Georgia safely and spent a week with my sister and her husband. The first Sunday in Thomasville I had the opportunity to do kids worship for Cornerstone Church of Christ and we had a blast.

I left there on a Tuesday and drove to Blackshear, Georgia where my brother and his wife lives. On Wednesday I started the ministry at Second Baptist Church in Waycross, Georgia with Pastor Derwin Griffin. I did a program for them on Wednesday night and on Thursday I did 4 school programs. Thursday night I had the opportunity to speak to about 50 men at the church that evening. On Friday Bob and I headed to Nahunta and did two more school programs. Friday night I was off so my Brother and I went to the Pierce County football game!

Saturday afternoon I work 3 hours making balloons sculptures for Sunday night. Saturday night I headed back to the church where we did a program for the community.

Sunday morning I drove to the church and did a kids sermon right before Pastor Derwin got up to preach. Believe it or not, I was on TV. After that I did children’s church for the boys and girls. That evening I preached and the Holy Spirit moved. There were 15 to 20 people who walked the aisle making some type of decision for our Lord.

This coming Wednesday, September 21st I start at Bristol Baptist Church in Bristol, Georgia. I was save at this church when I was a young buck. I was 16 years old. I’ll speak to the youth on Wednesday night and on Thursday night I’ll speak to the mens group! Friday night I’ll do a Fall Festival for the kiddos. Sunday morning I’ll preach and then I’ll be off until the following Sunday unless someone books me the Wednesday before.

I thank you for your prayers. I only have one night I can book in Septemberand two Sundays in October. The Bubba Adventure – It’s All 4 Him is catching on like wild fire in South Georgia. Let’s give God the praise and glory for it all!