Warning Signs!

No diving! No Swimming! No U-Turns! No Talking! No Cell Phones! No Running! No Speeding! It seems like everywhere we go there are signs that says NO, NO, NO! We call these Warning Signs and these Warning Signs are placed in strategic places to keep us from having fun! These are rules that are meant to be broken, right?

I know a man who ignored the No Diving Sign and jumped in head first. He is now in a wheelchair and he’ll be there for the rest of his life. I’ve heard of people who’ve ignored the No Swimming Sign and now they are long gone or missing a limb because some gator tried to eat them.

Warning signs are placed everywhere, including the Bible, not to restrict us, or to keep us from having fun. They are put there for our benefit! God says, “Do not lie, Do not Steal, Do Not Skip Church, Do Not Covet, and the list goes on and on!”

When we ignore mans warning signs and God’s warning signs we commit sin, and there’s always consequences for our sins! The problem is this, when we ignore warning signs, it gets us into trouble and it has an effect on those around us, especially our families.

People might think they are getting away with lying, stealing, cheating, or speeding, but remember this, God keeps the books and there will be a payday, someday!