What’s Right Is Wrong, And What’s Wrong Is Right!

I’m really enjoying the Book of Ecclesiastes. It says in Eccl. that folly is set in great dignity. That means a dignity has been given to sin.

Back in the day if a person got drunk and ran off the road and they had to call someone to pull them out, it was an embarrassment.

Now a days it’s called a disease!

Back in the day young people tried to hide smoking dope.

Now a days it’s legal in some states.

Back in the day when a young girl got pregnant it was an embarrassment, especially to her mom and day.

Now a days it’s called a mistake!

Look at the rioting on TV. They riot because they say a young man has been killed by a police officer. I assume it’s OK to have a peaceful riot, but does that mean it gives you the right to break into businesses and steal?

What God calls wrong our society is calling right! There’s something wrong with this picture my friends!