Why I Do What I Do!

Hello Friends,

Yesterday I was at a little church in Faxon, Oklahoma. Their enrollment in Sunday School is 36 and there was 35 in attendance.

Usually on a Sunday morning they have 30 to 35 in the worship services. Yesterday there was 66. I was told the old record of 60 has now been broken.

On Sunday night they usually have 15 in the worship service. Last night there was 48.

During the services yesterday 19 people walked the aisle and made some type of decision for our Lord. I do know that one of them came for salvation.

Now get this, a couple was there that has been divorced for a while. During the invitation she walked the aisle rededicating her life to our Lord. We’re praying now that her former husband does the same thing.  Wouldn’t it be wonderful if they got back together?

Last night a teenager walked the aisle, She’d been at odds with the pastor for months because of camp t-shirts. She’d been a fantastic leader in the youth group but she’d stopped attending. She came forward broken, with tears streaming down her face. She asked the pastor to forgive her as they both prayed and embraced one another.

This is why I do what I do. I thank all of you for being a part of this ministry. I thank you for your love, support and prayers.

Be Blessed. I’ll Cya here, there, or in the air! Pastor Gene (AKA, Bubba)