Why Worry? Why Fret?

With the presidential election right around the corner there’s a lot of talk going on! Some say that if President Obama is elected again it will be a tragedy! I will have to admit the economy is bad, the US is in debt up to it’s ears, and there’s continued debates on the definition of marriage?

It may look bad but let me say this, the future looks good for us Christians. Trust me, God is on His throne and He’s gonna straighten things out sooner or later! The greatest days are yet in the future!

Walking down the streets of gold with those we haven’t seen in years! Worshiping God the Father and Jesus His Son! No more suffering and no more pain. Living in a place where there’s no sin, no light, no air conditioner and no heater. There’s no light there because the glory of God fills the place!

This is a few things that’s in store for us Christians. The future is only as bleak as we make it out to be. Trust God, like the Bible says, He’s on His throne and He’s in control of all things! “Believe or Not!”