Wonderful Fellowship!

My sister and her husband have been with us in Houston for the past 7 days. We get excited when they come and are saddened when they leave. When they’re here we just hang out and relax. We go to bed when we want to and get up when we want to.

We play games like Joker and Pegs and a new one we found called Farkle! When they’re  here we don’t watch what we eat. We have pickled eggs, boiled peanuts, turtles, chips and the list goes on and on! We just sit around chit chatting about this and that.

Wonderful fellowship, it’s sad that it has to end. Tommy and Cecelia left this morning to go home! It’s quite and we’ll all miss them today. Can you imagine what heavens gonna be like. Some of our family and friends will be there and we can chit chat for an eternity!

If you don’t know Jesus you can know Him today! Ruth asked Boaz this question in Ruth 2:10, “Why have I found grace in thine eyes?” You and I can ask God the same question regarding grace to us. Note the progression. We come as sinners and hold out the hand of faith, and He, by His grace saves us!