A New Year’s Resolution That Will Change Your Life

New Year Resolutions are made all the time and never kept! I go to the YMCA and every year about this time that place is packed. People will join the Y determined to lose all that weight they’ve gained over the past year or years.

The gym will be packed the end of December, January, and February. After that, it’s over with. People mean well but they don’t stick to their resolution. My resolution this year is to get closer to the Lord. The only way I can do that is to spend time alone with Him daily!

Physical exercise is good but spending time alone with the Lord is much better. Spending time alone with the Lord will get you in shape spiritually which will help you stick to getting into shape physically!

I want to lay out a challenge to you. Everyday in 2011 get up and spend time alone with the Lord reading His Word. Don’t miss, don’t let anything come in the way of you doing so. I promise you, by the year 2012 you’ll be a different person spiritually and physically! The challenge has been made, let’s get it on!