A Slap Turned Into Forgiveness!

Once upon a time there was a little boy who lived in Georgia. His dad had died at an early age and he was raised around three woman. His mom, older sister and twin sister.

When the mom had to go to work the older sister was naturally the one left in charge.

This boy didn’t want to listen to anyone, especially the older sister.

One day she was telling him what to do and he slapped her. He hit her so hard his hand print was left on the side of her face. She cried!

Years later this boy was saved and eventually asked the sister to forgive him of this.

She remembered what he had done, but she didn’t hesitate, she forgave him.

Today they are the best of friends. The sisters name is Cecelia Herrin and of course that mean little boy was me.

I want to thank my sister for loving me even when I wasn’t very lovable!

Maybe someone has hurt you or you’ve hurt them like I did. Why don’t you give em a call and work things out! That’s what God would want you to do!