Bad Gas! Something To Think About!

Years back the Lord blessed me with a 650 Yamaha Classic. I love driving that machine especially during this time of year. This past Tuesday I had a hard time getting it started. When I finally got it started all it did was cut out, pop and pow. It still looked great on the outside but it drove like a piece of junk.

I took it down to my friend at Yamaha and he told me the carburator was gummed up and needed repair. He said, “let’s try to repair it  with chemicals.” He told me to go down and buy some gas treatment and put it in the tank. I did this and drove it all day but it didn’t seem like the chemicals were working.

The next day I got on it and drove a mile down the road and it stopped it’s popping and cutting out. The carburator or bad gas had suddenly disappeared because of the chemical I applied.

It’s the same way with us. Many Christians look good on the outside after they comb what little bit of hair they have or put on the war pain, but on the inside they’re all gummed up with sin.  Let’s get rid of the sin that so easily entangles us!