Children Set The Example! Something To Think About!

Matthew 18:2 says, “And Jesus called a little child unto Him, and set him in the midst of them.” What does this verse tell us as adults? It tells us that the little child came to the Lord without hesitation!

Last night during the revival at First Baptist Church in Beaver, Oklahoma 15 to 16 children walked the aisle. Some came getting right with the Lord and others came asking Jesus to save them. That’s the happy part of the story, the sad part is, not one adult moved!

Adults have been making decisions in church all week long and they refuse to make their decision public. A few have come but that’s it! The problem could be fear, pride, disobedience or hesitation! I do know this, most of the time when the Lord tells me to do something and I don’t, it’s because I hesitation. I think about it, instead of acting on it immediately!

Hesitation is a lack of faith which leads to disobedience. The little child in Matthew 18 verse 2 didn’t hesitate he simply obeyed!