Dead Or Alive?

A few weeks ago Robin and I went to Mark and Diane’s ranch. One day Mark and I was walking down a dirt road and all of a sudden Mark stops dead in his tracks. He showed me this huge tree that was on the side of the road that looked dead. He asked me if I’d ever used a chain saw and I said yes. Right then and there we decided to cut that tree down.

The problem was, the tree had to fall right between two fences and we’d never fell a tree before. We eye balled it, notched it and proceeded to cut on the opposite side with the chain saw. Slowly but surely the tree began to fall. It fell right between the two fences, according to plan. Mark and I jump around like a bunch of school boys.

After the excitement we starting cutting the tree into pieces so that we could get it out of the road. To our surprise the tree wasn’t dead completely. It looked dead on the outside, but on the inside it was alive! We had been fooled!

Christians are like that. Some don’t look very good on the outside but on the inside they’re alive and vibrant because they know and spend time alone with the Lord. There’s others, who look and smell good on the outside, but on the inside there hearts are as cold and hard as ice! You might ask, “How can I know Which One They Are?” The Bible says, “You’ll Know Them By The Fruit They Produce!’

It’s true, we’re not to sit in judgment of others, but it’s AOK to be fruit inspectors!