Did You Catch Anything? Something To Think About!

I hate going fishing and not catching a thing. Sometimes you go and you never get a nibble! This can be very frustrating unless you’re a patient man like me. LOL!

Back in the day Peter, Thomas, Nathanael and the sons of Zebedee went fishing. They fished all night and caught nothing. When morning came Jesus stood on the shore but his disciples didn’t know who he was.

Then Jesus said to them, “Did you catch anything?” There answer is a short, NO! They don’t even want to talk about it!

This is a question he is bound to ask everyone of us someday. “Did you catch anything? What did you do for men down there on earth?” I hope your answer will not be the same as theirs. “No, we haven’t caught a thing!” We as God’s children are to be fishers of men! Let’s go fishing!