Did You Chose The Right Thing This Morning?

I want to tell you a story about two ladies in the Bible! Their names are Mary and Martha.

Jesus came to Martha’s house. While she was cooking, her sister Mary sat at His feet listening to every word spoken.

Martha got ticked off and told Jesus that Mary should be helping her.

Jesus said, “Martha, you are concerned about many things, but Mary is more concerned about spending time with me!”

Are you frustrated today just like Martha?

Do you not know which way to turn?

Then for goodness sake, why don’t you set down at the feet of Jesus?

Why don’t you look into His Word and see what He has to say about your situation?

Reading Gods Word will help you with your housework, your job, and your studies!

It will help you be a better husband, wife, boss, or employee!

Shoot, it will even help you stop texting while you drive so that you can drive better!

Mary chose the best part by spending time with Jesus, so can you!