Doesn’t This Remind You Of Today?

Let’s take a trip together. We’re going back in time a few thousand years! Oh, by the way, you don’t need a passport and it’s FREE!

We’re going back in time when Zedekiah was King of the Israelites. He was a bad, bad man!

He was a wicked and unjust ruler! He allowed those who could help him do exactly what they wanted, and those who couldn’t, he’d make it hard on them!

He allowed the worship of idols and he allowed the people to sacrifice their own children to gods that couldn’t hear, see, or speak.

The government was going down the toilet and most of the people had no morals at all!

Jeremiah tells the King that a another bad, bad man was coming and his name was Nebuchadnezzar. He told him that Old Neb would destroy the city unless there was a turning to God!

Doesn’t this remind you of today? We have a bad, bad leader in office that some have placed there. He doesn’t make good decisions. He makes mistakes and nothing is done. Our morals, even as Christians have been dimensioned! Folks, we’re in trouble, and unless we get our minds and hearts right, God is going to judge the USA!

We must repent and turn to God. If we do that He’ll heal our land!