Ears, Eyes, Mouth, Hands, Feet, and Tippy Toes!

Folks, we all have bodies and attached to those bodies are different parts. I hear with my ears, see with my eyes, talk with my mouth, walk on my feet, tip toe on my toes and point and pick my nose with my fingers.

Let’s say my mind told my feet to move so that I could walk and my feet decided they were not going to listen. Man, that would tick me off and it would tick you off to.

The Bible says we as Christians are one body but there are many members. Each member of that body has a special job to do, and when that person decides they aren’t going to do what God says it hurts the entire body of believers.

The thing we need to realize is this, Christ is the Head of the body, His church, and we are under Him, and we should be obedient to Him!