God Hears, All The Time!

Last night we had our once a year board meeting at Brother Jeff’s house. The bar ba chew was good and the fellowship was down right excellent. While there I was reminded by some about a message I placed on Brother Jeff’s facebook while he was in Atlanta, Georgia.

The message said, “Hey Brother Jeff, Where are you? Did you die and go to heaven? Do you have your armor on this fine day? Have you called your friend Pastor Gene back as of yet?” Boy, did I take some ribbing because of this, but it was worth it!

Brother Jeff told me one  reason he didn’t call was the reception there in Atlanta was bad, and that if he did call he’d have to stand by a window so that he could hear me when I talked. Let me say this, I’ve never gotten upset with Brother Jeff about not returning my phone call.  I’d simply forgot  he was in Atlanta at market and he’d be insanely busy.

I did start thinking about this and how I could tie it into a daily devotional. Jeremiah 33:3 says, “Call to me and I will answer you and tell you great and unsearchable things you do not know! It comforts me to know that  when I call on the name of the Lord He’ll always hear and He’ll always answer. He’s never be to busy for me! He doesn’t have to be standing by the pearly gates in heaven to get good reception. He hears me plain and clear whenever I call! If this doesn’t light your shucks, then your wood is all wet! Let’s praise God today for always being available!