Going On A Motorcycle Trip! Something To Think About!

Next week Ashley and I are headed to Georgia on our motorcycles. I’ve been getting ready for that trip now for a week. I’ve put a cruise control on my bike that I got for Christmas.  I’ve replaced both tires and today I’m changing the oil.

Shoot, I even got a rain suit for Christmas that will be packed Sunday night! I’m doing everything I know to do to have a safe, enjoyable trip to Georgia! On Monday morning we’ll get up and drive 830 miles to Thomasville! The GPS is charged up and ready to go!

Everyday we as Christians take a trip. We go to work, to school or to the store. We don’t usually plan for these things because they’ve become such a habit. We need to prepare ourselves daily for life’s little journeys. We do this by getting up and spending time alone with our creator!

It’s time, no, it’s past time for Christians to dedicate themselves to the reading of God’s word. This would be a great New Year’s Resolution!