He’s In The Storm! Something To Think About!

The Apostle Paul is on a ship with 276 men. They are in a violent storm and all the supplies has been thrown overboard to lighten the load. The crew is preparing to abandon ship but Paul tells them if they do this they’ll surely die. God, spoke through Paul to these pagan men even in the storm.

What storm are you going through today? Some are going through the storm of having cancer or losing loved ones! Some are going through storms of fear and doubt, not knowing if they’ll have a job tomorrow! Let God speak to you in the storms of life just like he did Paul. It’s usually in the storms that we hear God more clearly!

God has never said that we will miss the storms in our lives, but He does promise to get us through them! That is the comfort that should come to the child of God in the time of the storm! (Do Not Let Your Hearts Be Troubled!)