Inside or Out! Which Is The Most Important? Something To Think About!

Matthew 15:10-11, And He called the multitude, and said to them, hear, and understand. It’s not that which goes into the mouth that defiles a man; but that which comes out of his mouth, this defiles a man!

Little Johnny comes in from playing in the dirt to have lunch and the first thing we say is, “Go was your hands!” Little Susie is in bed and she’s ready to go to sleep and we say, “Did you remember to brush your teeth?” Being clean on the outside is good, but what about being clean on the inside?

You see, we as parents instruct our kids to wash this and brush that but we pay no attention to what they are watching on television or listening to on the radio or Ipod. Of course, children should brush and scrub but what is on the inside is far more important?