It Doesn’t Matter! Something To Think About!

In my travels many people ask me what I think about Joel Osteen. I tell them I’m sure he’s a nice man but I’m not hooked on his preaching style. They then ask me what I mean. I tell them he preaches feel good messages. He tells people if they’ll do this and that God will bless them with great riches which is not always true.

You see, I don’t feel you need a lot of money to be rich. I have my saviour, my wife, my kids, my health, a nice car, a motorcycle, a nice home but not much money in the bank and I consider myself a rich man. I’ve been blessed.

I don’t need to get all tangled up in Joel. It Doesn’t Matter what Joel does or what he says. My job is to follow the Lord. I’m to be obedient no matter what and that’s your job to! Keep your eyes on Jesus and your glass will always look half full instead of half empty! Be blessed!