It’s My Birthday! Something To Think About!

On December 21, 1954 Herbert and Faye Wright announced the birth of their two children, Gene and Jan. Gene was born first and five minutes later Jan arrived.

Gene and Jan are like night and day. Gene is loud and Jan is quite! Gene is athletic and Jan is not! Gene is tall and Jan is short! As a matter of fact they don’t look like twins at all, Gene got all the looks. Just kidding!

There is another major difference. Gene was saved at the age of 16 and Jan has never accepted the Lord! I do know prayer changes things. Please pray for my sister, she doesn’t have any contact with her brothers and sister which is her choice.

Pray today that the Holy Spirit would convict her of sin so that she might come to know Jesus Christ as her Lord and Saviour.

It’s true, it’s my physical birthday but I praise God in heaven for saving a sinner like me at the age of 16 at Bristol Baptist Church in Bristol, Georgia! The Bible says let our lips praise the Lord! Let’s give Him praise, honor and glory today for his redeeming love and grace!