Jesus Is Coming Soon!

Jesus Is Coming Soon, Morning or Night or Noon!

It’s true, He’s coming and He’s coming sooner than we think! When Jesus comes we will get a new start! To tell you the truth I’m glad, because I haven’t done so well the first time around.

God is going to make all things new. He’s going to give us a new body. In heaven I’m going to have a head full of hair again! There will be no toothaches, headaches, cancer or heart attacks. There will be no gossip, backbiting, murder or thief!

Can you imagine getting your own mansion that He Himself has build for you?

Shoot folks, when you think on the promises of God it makes you want to pack up and go right now!

The truth is this, we as Christians have a bright future ahead of us, but for those who don’t there is destruction!

It’s True, Jesus Is Coming Soon, Morning or Night or Noon, But Many Who Don’t Know Him Will Meet Their Doom!