Joy! Do You Have It?

As I travel across this great country I see Christians who say they know the Lord sitting on the pews at their churches  like they’ve swallowed a sour pickle or two.

Theirs no joy in their lives and this should sadden those of us who experience the joy of our Lord daily! I haven’t figured it out yet and may never know why!

Some folks are brought up not to show any emotion. Who knows, these people may be jumping up and down on the inside! All I know is, it doesn’t show on the outside.

I do know this, the Bible says what’s on the inside of a mans heart will eventually come out through the mouth, whether it’s sin or praise for our Lord!

God is worthy of our praise. After all, we’re a bunch of sinners who’s been saved by the grace of God. Once we’re saved we’re on the way to heaven where we’ll see the Lord, loved ones, and walk down the streets of gold together! If this doesn’t make you want to shout for joy and tell others about Jesus your wood is all wet! Let others see Jesus in you!