July 2010 Update

Hello Friends,

This camp was smaller compared to the others in past weeks. There were around 140 campers in attendance. As of last night 38 had made some type of decision for our Lord, 20 of them were professions of faith.

Today we drive to Oklahoma City to see our boys, daughter in laws, and grandchildren. We will spend the night there and then drive back to Houston tomorrow. This weekend I will relax and hang out with Robin, Mimi, and Miranda. Monday I start VBS at First Baptist Church in Baytown, Texas. That will be nice, I will be gone in the mornings but home in the afternoon and evening. The following Sunday I drive back to Owasso to start another week of VBS.

God has been gracious! I’ve been speaking now for over 4 weeks and my voice has not given out yet. Usually by now I am struggling, but not this time! Please continue to pray that my voice continues to be strong.