Pay Attention Or You’ll Miss It!

Scientists long ago thought the earth was flat. As a matter of fact, some thought if a ship sailed to the end of the earth it would drop off! LOL

If the scientists had been reading Gods Word and paying attention to it they would have known that the world was round!

Isaiah 40:22, It is he that sits upon the circle of the earth, and the inhabitants are as grasshoppers…..

You see, God’s Word has the answer for everything! The problem is, we don’t read God’s Word expecting to get an answer, or we don’t pay any attention to the answer once we read it!

Do You Want Answers? Do You Want The Truth? Can You Handle The Truth?

If you do want answers and you can handle the truth then let me encourage you to dive into God’s Word daily whole heartedly! You’ll be blessed when you read it because that’s a promise from God to you!