Pine Beatles! Something To Think About!

I have a pine tree in my backyard that is dead and needs to be cut down. We thought it had died because it lack water but found out  pine beatles had entered in and was killing it!

Here’s what happens. If a pine tree doesn’t get enough water it becomes stressed. When the tree is stressed it doesn’t produce pine tar which keeps the beatles out. The beatles can then enter in and kill the tree from within!

We’re just like that pine tree. When we don’t spend enough time in God’s Word we are easily stressed. When stressed we say and do thing we shouldn’t do.  In other words we allow sin to enter in which destroys us from the inside and destroys our witness from without!

The Bible says, “Thy Word have I hid in mine heart that I might not sin against God!” God’s Word is living water and it produces the tar in our lives that helps keep those ugly beatles called sin from entering in!